Microsoft Teams has become the central hub for all communication in the enterprises. It can be internal/external communication. When it comes to external connections, customers can’t communicate with the internal teams without a guest account in Microsoft Teams. This is practically difficult to ask your customer to create a guest account in Teams to contact you.

As technology evolves, customers expect simplicity in making things happening. Imagine a day where your customers can able to connect with your internal Team (using Teams) from their Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram and much more. This brings real flexibility for the customer to communicate with you.

Wunder365 Bot makes this possible with its intelligent AI. This bot helps you to offer Omnichannel support for customers all from and within Microsoft Teams. Customers will send the messages from their favourite messenger apps (Facebook, Telegram, Slack, Teams and more) and it is received in Microsoft Teams channel. From Microsoft Teams, you can reply to the customer and establish a good rapport.

Instant response - Wunder365 Bot creates separate conversations for each customer in Microsoft Teams channel, so all their previous chats are ready for a revisit in no matter of time.

Chat Transcript – Customer will receive the transcript by email.

Wunder365 Bot provides seamless communication between personal messaging apps and Microsoft Teams

  • Centralize your customer messages - Configure individual channel for each customer with a dedicated bot handle, by this way all the conversations with a customer will be in same channel.
  • Customers using Teams can able to establish one to one chat using the unique bot id.
  • Setup Canned responses for customer questions
  • Platform Independent - Ensure continuity in conversations with your customers
  • Exact and expected response for each of their queries with the support of your Internal members in the team.
  • Have a better inter & intra-office communication
  • An effective response to the customer at the right time
  • Reduce the Bounce rate as no more waiting time to get email responses.
  • Customized fields are possible
  • Swift decision making with the help of internal team members